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Joel Gibbs' "Everything Entertainment"
Celebrates The Godfather's 30th Anniversary

... with yours truly!!

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Joel is now syndicated nationally on The Movie Show!
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March 15, 2002, marked the 30th Anniversary of The Godfather film arriving in theaters. To celebrate, Joel Gibbs dedicated his entire March 16 "Everything Entertainment" radio show to The Godfather -- and I was his studio guest!

The show aired Mon-Fri from 6-7pm and Saturday mornings from 10am until Noon on MoneyTalk 1040AM and 1350AM out of Princeton/Trenton, NJ. Joel Gibbs is a movie expert and professional celebrity voice impersonator who does a fabulous Don Vito (and hundreds of others!) -- check out the complete show below in RealAudio format!

01-01 - The first segment of Hour One features Joel's introduction, w/ Producer "Don Timothy"
01-02 - I'm introduced and we talk about the beginnings of this site and my interest in The Godfather
01-03 - We talk about our favorite characters, and about the Saga/Novel for Television
01-04 - We talk about our favorite scenes

02-01 - Hour Two continues with our favorite scenes, and the casting
02-02 - We talk about some of my "connections", The Godfather Family, and DVD Bonus Disc
02-03 - My Billy Joel story, DVD Press Conference, and we take a call
02-04 - We talk about the Baptism sequence, the Sollozzo scene, Brando, Pacino

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* Three years later, we did it again -- to an international audience! *
Click Here for the March 2005 Show!



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