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So growing up in a town with the population of 45 people does some strange things to you. CARA WEST had no choice but to do morning radio. First, by urging of her parents, it was off to veterinary school. After learning to remove a few cows' eyes, she thought it was easier to stomach lousy coffee and bad show prep.

She packed all her belongings into her car and drove to the big city of Minneapolis. Her first job in radio was at KEGE "The Edge." It consisted of getting the morning guy (Andy Savage) his morning coffee. Cara's coffee skills landed her the job as the show's producer.

After helping Andy into another successful ratings book, it was time to pack up and move on to bigger and better challenges. Cara's aircheck landed her the morning show opening at WRQT "THE ROCK" in La Crosse WI. But new challenges await her and that's where her new on-air partner FuzzBall comes in.

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