J. Geoff Malta
Toms River, NJ

IWA Member

Last updated: 3 Jan 2005

I will consider a short- or long-term consulting or full/part-time position in the NJ / New York City area (and/or via Net-commuting). I have been publishing on the WWW since 1995, and have worked professionally in the field since 1996.

Although not a formally trained designer, I have gained accolades from the Web World and have had sites featured on television and radio, and in newspapers and magazines. My philosophy leans toward simplicity to increase usability, but I'm not afraid of adding appropriate pizzazz through Flash, animations, and audio/video enhancements. My current interests include audio/video editing and encoding and DVD production.

I am most interested in the entertainment industry (music, movies, TV, radio, and online or print publishing) but will consider other industries.

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July, 1995-Present

  • Internet Consultation, Graphic Design, Web Site Administration
  • Audio and video (DV, VHS) editing and encoding
  • DVD Production
  • Web site hosting
  • Photo and graphic editing, manipulation and optimization
  • Have had pages featured in newspapers and magazines, and on television and radio
  • jgeoff.com sites have welcomed millions of unique visitors
  • Personal projects include:
  • Client projects include:
    • Pierce Factory - Complete video editing & DVD authoring for 60 minute video
    • Universal Music Group - web page design for UMG's Marketing Tool Kit
    • Marvel Comics - online tech support, website maintenance & design
    • CNBC - video encoding from Beta-SP; web page encoding; DHTML & JavaScript
    • PolyGram Records - audio encoding for music publishing catalog (CD-ROM)
    • Avatar Records - maintenance/design, audio/video, internal street marketing tool, Flash promos
    • Vintage King Audio - previous redesigns
    • Nancy-Kwan.com - Video editing and encoding for the actress' site and DVDs
    • It's A Gas Management - edited a music video/EPK sample; email promotion
    • Mardee - Was called in to edit an instructional video w/ tight deadline
    • YosiMusic.com - design and implementation; Flash
    • Mineroff Electronics - annual CD-ROM catalog (w/ Flash intro and search engine)
    • FuzzRadio "Mornings w/ Cara & FuzzBall" - design and implementation

*See my portfolio for screen shots and links

November, 1999-May, 2001
Marvel.com - Marvel Comics, New York, NY

May, 1996-October, 1997
Trademedia, Origin/Philips Corp, New York, NY

  • Project management and coordination
  • Content creation, editing, design and management
  • Audio (DAT, CD) and video (Beta SP, VHS) editing and encoding for the Web and CD-ROMs
  • Photo and graphic editing and optimization
  • Designed and/or maintained WWW pages for various clients, including:
    • PolyGram International
    • PolyGram USA
    • Motown
    • Mercury Records
    • Polydor
    • PolyGram Filmed Entertainment

*See my portfolio for screen shots and links

December, 1994-September, 1995
Ocean County Magazine; Ocean County, NJ
Solicited and designed print advertisements; wrote and edited feature articles for a county-wide monthly advertising journal.


  • Computing: Windows, MacOS, Unix/Linux, MS-DOS; Typing (65wpm)
  • Internet incl. HTML, FTP, Telnet, browser/OS compatibility, image optimization, site usability
  • Multimedia incl. Audio & Video editing; Real, QuickTime, Windows Media, basic Flash
  • Software incl. Adobe Photoshop, Image Ready, & Premiere Pro; TMPGEnc video suite; Sound Forge; Dreamweaver UltraDev; DigiDesign Sound Designer II; Macromedia Sound Edit; FAST.forward; Nero BurningROM;Toast; MS Word; BBEdit
  • Can work with: MySQL, PHP (The Godfather TV listings use both); Final Cut Pro, JavaScript, CSS, DHTML, SSI, CGI/Perl, Flash, Quark, Illustrator, WordPerfect, Excel, ACID, Pro Tools
  • Exceptional writing, editing & documentation


[I obtained most of these in 1999 when Brainbench was still Tekmetrics. Those expired after one year, but I've since taken more. Transcript ID# 134630]
  • WWW Concepts (2002)
  • HTML 3.2 (2002)
  • HTML 4.0 (2002)
  • Programmer/Analyst Aptitude (2002)
  • Internet Research and Evaluation (Master) (2002)
  • Web Developer (1999)
  • HTML Programmer (Master) (1999)
  • High IT Aptitude (Master) (1999)
  • Macintosh Power User (1999)
  • Windows 95 Power User (Master) (1999)
  • Windows 98 Administrator (1999)
  • Written English (Master) (1999)
  • Keyboard Typist (1999)


  • Over 60 web awards, reviews and plugs on TV & Radio, in Newspapers & Magazines, including:
    Entertainment Weekly (2x), USA Today Hot Site, USA Today New & Notable, New York Daily News, New York Newsday, Philadelphia Inquirer, Yahoo! Internet Life (2x), CNN website, featured on c|net Central cable show, BBC Online, Point/Lycos Top 5% (3x), Point/Lycos #3 Overall Movie Site, HomePC magazine online's SOTD, the net, The Web, NetGuide Best of the Web (2x), NetGuide Platinum Site (5 stars), Internet Underground (5 stars), Cool Site of the Night, c|net Best of the Web
  • Was a guest on Joel Gibbs' The Movie Show radio program, 4 times (twice in studio)
  • Travels: Europe, Central & North America
  • DVD, Baseball, Martial Arts, Mountain Bicycling, MIDI, guitar, amateur radio teletype


Rutgers University, Graduate School of Education, New Brunswick, NJ
MAJOR: Counseling Psychology
DEGREE: Master of Education

Rutgers College, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ
MAJOR: Psychology (Lab Science option)
DEGREE: Bachelor of Arts

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